Privacy Policy

iMobilTec is based in G√∂ppingen, Germany and is the maker of the app “Calypso Score” and “goodEar” for iOS. This privacy policy affects all apps equally, except where noted.

We don’t collect anything

Unless you email us directly to ask a question or provide feedback, we’ll never even know you bought our apps. We don’t use accounts and we don’t collect any information about you through our apps.

On-device data recording with Dashboard

If you choose to enable it, our apps can record usage statistics locally and present them to you through the Dashboard suite of features. These features are provided solely for your benefit and no information is sent anywhere by us ever. Usage data is stored exclusively on your device (and within any whole-device backups) and can be removed from the app at any time.

Data collected by Apple

Apple may collect data about your usage of their products, including usage specific to our apps. Your data stored within our apps may also be backed up by Apple and stored on their servers. Apple’s policies govern their collection and usage of your data, and you can learn more about their policies by visiting

Third-party services

Calypso Score provides access to third-party content and cloud storage services (“Services”) so users can upload and download files without leaving our apps. These services require network access to function and may collect one or more types of data through the course of providing their services. We do not communicate any information to them except for authentication purposes and the normal transmission of data you explicitly choose to upload or download. These services are governed by each company’s own policies, and each of them is clearly identified by its name and logo within Calypso Score. By using these services you are agreeing to their policies.

Other Apps

We do not collect or store data at any time for any reason through any of our other apps.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us by mailing to