Welcome to Calypso

Calypso is currently not compatible with iOS 8.

Please do NOT upgrade your iPad if you rely on Calypso!

Whether you are a solo musician or sitting in an orchestra, Calypso is the perfect tool for your music scores:

  • organize thousands of scores and easily access them
  • get your scores online or from Dropbox or from iCloud
  • quickly access +10000 songs of the most popular fakebooks
  • annotate your scores as you always did

Best of all: Calypso's automatic page layout. While you focus on making good music Calypso will perfectly present you the score. No page turning as with your paper sheets. No swiping or tapping to switch pages on your iPad. You just play your instrument!

No swipes & taps when playing!

There is no need for swiping or tapping in order to turn pages. Because you simply marked each bar of your score and entered repetitions and jumps, Calypso will layout the score while you focus on the music.

Synchonized audio to your music scores

To assist your practizing, you can add any mp3 to your music scores. And you can easily synchronize the music with your scores. Thus, you tap on any bar and hear the music starting at that bar!

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